Happy Lunar New Years

A wonderful and happy Lunar New Years to all those who celebrated - and welcome the year of the rooster. It's one of the best joys in life, being surrounded by family and good food. As tradition when we visit Pohang, we went to the beach and enjoyed a little bit of the day and evening walking around, taking photos and appreciating the view from cafes. It was a magical hour to go, as the sun was setting, because the colors were breathtaking. The first day we went to Yeonglidae Beach, which is a close walk from my Grandmothers place. The next day we went to Homigot Sunrise Square, which is popular for it's hand structures and a place to watch the sun rise. It's hard not to feel at peace at the beach with the soft sounds of the waves and the smell of the sea surrounds you.

How did you spend your Lunar New Years?